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Application ATA and CPD Carnets : issuance, claims, database, printing

The Carnet-ATA (ATA stands for admission temporaire – temporary admission) is a passport for goods. It can be used for the temporary export, import and transit of goods. With a carnet the usual guarantees at borders are no longer necessary. The carnet is mainly used for commercial samples, exhibition goods and professional equipment.

At moment, the ATA Carnet is still made of paper. WebExpert is working since 2010 with the Swiss Chambers of Commerce, the International Chamber of Commerce and the World Customs Organisation, in order to digitize the Carnet and to make the process completely online.

WebExpert already developed and operates the following solutions :

Electronic Issuance Solutions

Claims Management System

Central database and Worldwide Monitoring System

Printing Solution

Integration with Mercury and digital Carnet


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